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We are Speaking! Lean & Design Studio Workshop

Thursday, March 15, 2018 from 8:00 AM to 10:00 AM (EDT)
New Albany, IN

Slingshot is happy to announce it’s partnered with Centric Innovation, an Indianapolis-based network of resources for innovators, to host an interactive event aimed at showcasing Lean Methodology as a resource for innovation.

At the event, Slingshot CIO Chris Howard will guide the audience through how Lean practices enable rapid innovation and bring ideas to market quickly.  Included in the event is an interactive workshop showcasing a popular tool used frequently in Lean called Design Studio.

Attendees should expect to be “hands-on” and walk away with a new tool for enabling innovation.

Friends, partners, clients, and associates are welcome to join us, we’d love to see you there.

Lean Stories – The Power of Interviews

Today was a proud moment.  Together, with our client, a key decision was made.  True, we make lots of decisions on a daily basis, but this was a decision that will end up saving over 1,000 hours in man power that otherwise would have been spent going down a rabbit hole of building the wrong thing.  But here’s the kicker.  It wasn’t the Slingshot team or the client that ended up making that decision, but rather the users of the product, the customer, made it for us, and it was beautiful.

In the software world we all want to be better, we all want the perfect process, the most efficient means of developing, the most innovative designs and the most disruptive products.   We search, we implement processes, we dive deep down into the crevices of our brain to grab hold of that something special.

But if we’re being honest we all need to be humbled, and eventually we almost always will be.  No argument, brilliant insight, or flawless logic can defeat the almighty customer.  They will tell you, without hesitation, that your idea sucks.  This is a scary thing, and our fear of rejection can drive us away from this all important moment.  It can drive us inward for shelter by directing our attention to budgets, timelines, status reports, and other typical indicators of project success that are safely within our control.

But to be bold, innovative, build the best, and build what’s right for the customer, we have to get beyond fear and ego.  We must RACE to the customer as quickly as possible, learn with open minds, and detach ourselves from our own opinions and biases.

This is why establishing customer interviews as the FIRST step is critical in vetting an idea.  Do it early, and your idea hasn’t grabbed hold of you so tightly that your ego refuses to listen to anyone but you.  Now, you have a chance to learn with an open mind and pivot when you need to pivot.

This project was a simple story.  We had a direction.  Then we  interviewed 12 people, one by one, and that direction changed.   The data was obvious, and there was no convincing, grandstanding or power plays to save the original thought.  No one clung to the initial idea because no one had staked their reputation on it.  

Pivoting, in this case happened effortlessly, as it should.  

This is in stark contrast to how a lot of software is done.  Many times, there is an idea, vendors are selected to bid, and quotes come in.  A decision is made, and the project starts.  A solution is built and the vendor does a great job, everything is on time, on budget and everyone is happy with the product.  But then the customer sees it for the first time, and they just don’t care.

With customer interviews, this played out story can be avoided.  

Thankfully for our client, it was.  Their story is a positive one, and a reminder of why we have embraced a Lean Approach to developing software products.  A reminder to the critical importance of being incredibly hands on with the customer from the start, and why the brightest minds, ideas, and innovations can always benefit from a dose of customer voice. 


Slingshot is a technology company focusing on building software products for web and mobile.   

Learn more about our process or  contact us directly and we can set up a conversation.

A Kickoff to Remember

November 2nd was declared “Slingshot Day” by the Mayor’s office, in honor of our grand relaunch. We’re greatly appreciative of our city, and look forward to growing with the community.

What an amazing night. GLI was in attendance for the ribbon cutting, DJ Sam Sneed was awesome, the food from the Fat Lamb was incredible, drinks were flowing, and we had three lucky winners in our prize giveaways.

More than 150 people joined us for our Launch Party, and it was amazing to see the support and comradery of the community.

Ribbon cutting success!


Kindle Fire HD giveaway!


Party really under way now!


Good conversation in the bar area.


Check out the rest of the event photos by clicking here.

The Slingshot team wants to thank everyone for their attendance and we hope you had as much of a good a time as we did.

As we go forward, our promise will always be to continually innovate and drive value for our clients. We are a quality first company that’s driven to be the best at what we do, and we believe our emphasis on combining strategy, design, development, and Cloud expertise allows us to drive the biggest returns for our clients.

We’re always an open door and love to help people as much as we can. Please reach out to us if you want to discuss anything technology related and also follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Slingshot has Arrived

Today, it’s with great excitement that I’m announcing igNew has officially changed it’s name to Slingshot. For us, this is the culmination of a 12 year journey that’s let us see a great many things and experience all of what software development has to offer. And not just the good, but the great, the bad, and the ugly as well.   

We’ve learned a lot through our own experiences and the experiences of our clients, and with that learning, we’ve evolved.   

However, some things haven’t changed. igNew humbly began with us as kids just out of college dedicated to being the best at building software. That drive, and that mission, still stands today.  We still believe in great culture and great passion, and hiring exceptional people and giving them the tools and freedom to do their job well. And most importantly, we still define success as building things that have profound impact for our clients.

Our clients put tremendous trust in us.  They make big moves, undertake bold initiatives, and risk a lot when undertaking projects.  We’ve always tempered those risks and guided clients by our own demand to be the best. But being the best is a journey. It’s a constant evolution.  We saw the need to innovate within ourselves, and that innovation for us means great things for you.

We’ve modernized our Lean methodology and process to include design as an integral step in what we build.  And we leverage design to test ideas with in field interviews, prototype development, and user testing.  We do this to make sure what you’ve entrusted us to build will have the impact that’s desired.

Our build step is led by our same great team of developers that has been us with for years.  However, in the last two years we recognize Cloud as a key to building solutions that are more scalable, more powerful, more fault tolerant, and more flexible.  

All of this is brought together through great process.  Ours is a process that ties together the cross disciplinary minds of strategy, design, development, and Cloud expertise. The result is an ability to help clients avoid pitfalls early on and target your investments in technology with absolute precision.

As we took on these changes, we figured a change of scenery that spoke to our new brand was in order. Slingshot recently moved into a space that is more conducive to the collaboration of our multi-disciplinary teams.  It’s fun, and make no mistake, we have the coolest office sign in all of Louisville.

In the coming days, you will receive an invitation to join us for a celebration of our new brand, our new space, and our new people. Most importantly, this is a celebration of our transformation to better serve you, our client.

Your trust in us demands we innovate, it demands our learning is continuous and I’m happy to say we recognize and share the same demands of ourselves.

We hope you’ll join us on November 2 to come see what we’re doing, meet our team and check out our space.  In the meantime, follow us on facebook and Twitter.

Slingshot has arrived.  Let’s do bold things together.